Haliburton Cottage Market

Industrial Park

367 Industrial Park Road, Haliburton

7,000 square foot (5,000+2,000 mezzanine level) industrial building includes completed Licence Application (Cannabis Act) migrated into C.F.L.S. system. Received Health Canada application approval letter to start construction. This application will allow for Cannabis/Hemp Extraction and Manufacturing of Edibles, with the ability to sell Retail or Wholesale across Canada. An overview of Floor plans, security plans, available with serious offer. Standard operating procedures in accordance with Health Canada (S.O.P.) and completed application (1000+ pages) will go to purchaser upon closing. Current consulting firm will continue support with new purchasers. The License for Health Canada is as follows: 1. Standard Processing License 2. License to Sale Cannabis For Medical Purposes 3. License to Sale Cannabis For Non Medical Purposes.